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One of the many goals in business venture is to build a brand. But if we are making money only to meet our basic needs, branding is the last thing we need.

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Branding must be treated seriously if we want our business to generate a profit, even at three a.m. Our logo on a billboard near the traffic lights will work for us when everyone is sleeping. However, the brand is not created overnight. Yet, the hard work pays off. Everything in the world evolves around branding. It represents all the factors in a single word: your company's name. But we can make a brand even from what we are. We can use social media. However, we have to take into account who follows us and whom do we follow. We also need to be careful about what we post and how we post it. We must consider the impression we make and how we appear in public. It is similar to paying attention to the way you walk the streets when no one is watching and when actually everyone is. We are our free advertising 24/7. Especially in business, where words and deeds are the same. If you do not respect the given word in business, you make the brand colour fade.

The importance of branding in business

You can compare branding at work to drinking water every day. If your business does not aim to become a brand and thrive as one, it will always be a mini-company. Mini-companies with mini-incomes and a massive amount of work. Branding in business is like assembling dice and moving through marketing all the way to the boiling point. That point is recognizing the company's name, gaining market trust, and justifying the slogan under which you do business and collect points.

Branding and marketing are inseparable. It cannot be separated. Branding exists only because there is marketing and vice versa. Otherwise, the purpose of their existence would not be valid. If marketing had no goal (branding), its purpose would be in vain. Also, if branding had no need (marketing), it would not even exist. Whichever way their importance and connection are immense and inseparable. Their power, but also their job, is to gain the public's loyalty. A loyal public is a group of regular customers who know where and why to invest their money.

When we want to determine the way brand works, we must first understand WHERE and WHY marketing paves the way for the masses. That is – how it directs consumers to our address, the place where magic happens. The magic we give is the final product. When we can buy that product, story, or service, then we can answer the question WHY. And the answer is — due to the brand.

If it was possible for everything and everyone to become a brand than they would. We would all have top products worthy of attention and the price they dictate. But this is not the case. Some want to be a brand more than others. And others do not even understand the symbolism the brand carries in its name. Those who run business without understanding the brand are usually the ones who don't do the job properly. Such a job is constantly at the traffic lights where the red light is on.

The sooner you start to perceive branding as a necessity, the sooner you will start to achieve better results. Such results are accompanied by investments.

Branding is very important because it represents the power you have gained. That power is growing daily thanks to your consumers. Customers are satisfied consumers of products that do not regret adding more money just to make your logo stand by them. It is so because that logo represents a proven quality. Branding is a winding path that dictates a stable speed of movement, which is a consequence of good or bad marketing. Good marketing is a ride that follows the basic rules. Bad marketing means turning in fifth gear at a speed of more than 100 km/hr, and whoever survives such a turn will talk.

If you brand your idea you give it a chance to become a vision. Also, your idea could become a common good.

What does branding consist of?

In every typical story a writer begins it, keeps your attention, draws you to connect with a character or situation, then ends it in such a way that the whole story is unmistakably the best one you've ever read. Or the worst. If the topic he deals with is the best in the world, but the way he introduces you to it is the worst, the story falls apart. You can compare this scenario with branding. There can be either a great vision and bad marketing or vice versa. But the best branding is the one made of good ideas and even better marketing. That branding is sustainable, but only if you are ready, patient, and willing to invest. The calculation is simple. Branding and marketing do not exist without each other.

If you aim to do a successful branding you must take a series of steps and fulfil them through good marketing in order for the story to come to life and gain sustainability. Business has become a race of rats. Only the most original "rodents" will leave a mark. This is where the elements come into force. Without them, the act of branding would be unthinkable. The logo, the color that becomes a trademark, the font, the slogan and the image that we create and strive for are the key factors of good branding. Branding is a project that begins but does not end. If it is completed, then it is a business that has ceased operations in the meantime. That is the example of a Such a not sustainable job and bad teammates.

How we do it?

We should consider branding as challenge but sweet one. Creating a vision from someone's idea through a team collaboration in creative contexts is a difficult task. However, it brings immeasurable pleasure. That is so because, with a small company that has decided on branding, you are taking the first marketing steps and watching the development of a name whose logo has recognition at some point. The font colour and the font gain status, and the reputation is justified in each segment when a company's slogan makes sense.

As with many other jobs we start by putting all the ideas on one piece of paper. Naturally we do not apply them all because it would make a chaos. Creative but still chaos. Such a product would not fall into the category of sustainable. Branding would end after a minute of going out on the market. That is why it is very important to set aside all the essential elements. Choose the most important ones, choose the core, and enjoy the simplicity that everyone loves. In the whole story, it is inevitable to include creativity in the game that will satisfy the market daily. Of course, the most difficult task of all is to be simple and creative in the same dose. Also, it is important to be equal and to give characteristics the opportunity to be recognized and adopted-separately, through the same product, company, or brand.

An additional task is to make the customer wonder how he could have done without that brand before, how difficult his life was until the same came to market shelves, and how come such a brand has not stood out before. However, the moment these questions come into force, we know that we have made a good brand. It is best indicated by satisfied customers whose account balance is growing and the desire for branding does not abate.

Branding is a job that is done 24/7. It requires consistency, loyalty, a lot of effort, but also work. We provide it all while creating a logo, slogan and other elements for your name that give the brand a unique touch. The one that smells like a well done job. In our eyes, only a well-done job is a worthwhile job. We don't count everything beyond that. Everything beyond that is the degradation of the brand.

Importance of logo, colors etc

Branding is the most difficult job. You have to make everything out of nothing. Also, you have to include patience in the story, both your own and the consumer's (while you impose your brand and hope he doesn't ruin your business). That is so because sometimes marketing can cross the line and disperse the customers. Then branding is not branding, but the end of a short and clear procedure. Aggressive campaigns are aggressively good only if they are dosed with taste. Everything beyond that is passive aggression that awakens the consumer's aggression and causes him to bypass you in a wide arc. No matter how good your branding elements are, the entire product is bought and sold every day. So all the elements must be meaningfully (likably) packaged and served.

LOGO-The basis from which everything starts. It represents the business, the company, the products and our entire business purpose through a few lines, tones or any elements that will complete the story we serve and give it meaning. Logo is our best teammate on the field because he talks about us, even when working hours are over. He constantly works for us. So it is necessary for him to be excellent in order to be able to take the level of business from one to the next level, to justify our actions and lead regular customers and new clients to want more and more from us. The logo brands us without a spoken word, which is why it should speak more than words.

COLOR-An accompanying factor but also a "spice" that is equally important in the branding story. How much fame a brand can bring to color or how much color a brand can help to become a brand is best witnessed by Ferrari red. It has gone from car color to shade on many clothing combinations, nail polish color, luxury color and status that is elusive.

SHAPE-Part of the strategy that buys attention in branding. A circle has a symbolic as well as a triangle. So the shape of your logo tells a separate story by itself and makes the consumer identify with you as if it were his business. To make the story even more serious in a way, but only if he is a loyal customer, because he/she indirectly/directly finances that form so that you can profit and vice versa. The thing that is even more important is that the more complicated it is, the harder the task in front of you is. Reduced lines and simple structures are bending players who buy all the attention but also have the upper hand.

SLOGAN - a favourite factor in the elements. At least when it comes to us. He is the teammate representing you credibly, your goals, the way you do your job, what you care about, what you strive for and who you are. The slogan is your soulmate, the right hand, the brightest part of the story. It is what sells the story. It is what the clientele is looking for, what the customers are attached to, and it is the way of life that runs your business. It is everything and thus you must match be careful about every piece of that puzzle.

FONT - a secret language of communication with clients. It needs special attention because nothing sticks to a bank account like a well-paying font.

IMAGE – your lifestyle and business style must be diverse in order to fit into people's everyday lives. The image you create must offer different options for all characters so that everyone become target group. Or for everyone to find themselves in your brand (as we all found ourselves in Nike or Adidas). A good image is half the battle won. It should be maintained every day.

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