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With the progress of technology many companies have grown too. Some thought that one should not believe into technology so much, others did not even try to understand the importance of it since their ignorance on the subject and fear of learning was too strong. Some did not give technology a chance so during the time it took place of men’s job positions, halved the company's costs, leading some to unemployment.

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At the other end of this story are those who were not afraid to tackle the new business system. They stepped out of their comfort zone and walked into a world of success. In this corporative world success is more visible when you check the statistics and the bank account that's getting bigger. Additional benefit that was hard to reach for those afraid of web corporate development is the fact that your web-site is a cash machine that never gets of repeating the same story to customers. Unlike a phone contact for example when a sales agent misses an opportunity her creates one for your competitors. Missed call is also a missed chance in the 21st century. To have good connection with the users of your services it is best to understand WCD as a system that works without interruption according to the latest developments in the company, informs the clientele about updates and benefits they can get as users of your site. If a web-site was a person, he/she would be standing in the street handing out flyers. It is our nature to avoid people like him/her because we do not trust pushy people even though they may have to offer the best thing ever. However, web-sites look too good for anyone to avoid.

From Web Design For Small Businesses To Web Corporate Design For Large Companies

Digital world is changing as fast as the speed of the light. That is why both we and the technology are racing against time. Our race is in the category of quality areas:

- the quality of talk/offer we serve to customers that use our products/services;

- the quality of demand;

- the quality of competition;

- the quality of associates (us). 

Good web development is a short way to the next collaboration or the next best project. Web development is a silent recommendation of potential clients but also loud inflow of money into your bank account. A good online investment is a marketing that is not visible and certain for the price you are willing to invest at the beginning to make multiple profits.

A well-created web-site turns any small business into a company with a big name, and a good software company knows how to make it big. That is the truth and power that can only be understood by users of digital services. They recognize the process once they experience digitalization.

No matter how far you went in the world of digitalization - web corporate development will lead your journey to a different direction. If you are on your way down it will help you head up, if you are already going up it will help you skip some moves without a problem. It is both simple and- complicated, because web development has a clear goal - progress, but also clear processes we have to go through to reach our final goal. The reasons for this are numerous, but let's start with credibility.

Credibility and reputation both mean the same thing - trust. A good reputation is how others see and what they think of us. The impression we gave with direct or indirect communication. A good reputation is the impression they got the first time, the second time and every next one. Maintaining a good reputation is not that easy but can be managed if we know how.

The best way to do this in the 21st century is through online platforms in all their forms, because if we are not present online, we are not present in the world of business no matter what potential we have. Business nowadays happens with online tools that are a human brain product. So, we have the strength but we also must channel that potential in a proper way. When we channel that potential incorrectly and when we let ourselves be led by bad persistence (ego), the belief that we can do everything ourselves (stubbornness) and lack of will for financial investments - our business is nothing but a fake profile on the social network. Those profiles do not have many followers, if any.

Sometimes we know what we want but we don't know how to get there. Once the question 'how' gets stuck in our head it is time to get a friend who can help aka hire a software company to help you become wealthy, a millionaire, and go big. Once you go big it means that that you have become a brand, and there aren't so many such big players in Montenegro. Big players become big when they take a leap and when they are ready to take risks. One call changes everything, so if you want to be a serious competition be careful who you call because the wrong number gets brand to an end.

Branding is a part of marketing and probably the hardest part of it. With branding everything has to fit perfectly where it should and you are the one doing that puzzle. But you do not do that by yourself. A web site is helping you and speeding up that process. Branding used to be very hard because it was very hard to spread the news. Then the internet came along and made the bad news reach people even faster. With the internet the good news doesn't get noticed in a way that is should and every mistake is pointed out. That is why mistakes in the 21st century are hard to forgive, because the Internet keeps reminding us of them and ways of business are kept permanently. That is why we turn to teams that know how to prevent these mistakes in the online world, how to correct them and turn them into a good thing - a web-site.

Branding is a separate branch of marketing and business because branding is the hardest job of all. The one where all the dice have to be arranged by thousands and thousands of users, and the one who puts them together is you. However, you are not alone in that story, but a site that gives you the wind in your back and speeds up the stacking process also helps you. Branding used to be even harder because the good news was traveling slowly. Then the internet came along and made the bad news even faster. It also allowed the good news to be poorly noticed and every mistake framed. That is why mistakes in the 21st century are hard to forgive, because the Internet does not allow us to forget them, and business remains marked permanently. That is why we turn to teams that know how to prevent mistakes in the online world, how to iron them, repack them for a good cause - the site.

A good web-site is an advantage. It leads you even when you think you are not moving. A good website is the best investment because it does not require continuous investment but brings continuous income. It puts you in a position where you are ahead of your time and it's saving you time when informing those to whom you are addressing, for whom you are doing business and because of whom you are actually earning. It's online traffic. Good online traffic is like a green traffic light that glows green at every crossroad but only if you have the right team to 'go green'  in terms of web corporate design when you need it.

What Do We Mean By Corporate Website?

Life teaches us to try all ways in marketing but teaches us where to look for those ways too. That is why life is so magical because we never stop learning despite our age. We also learn to always look for help because a team is better than one person, especially if your team members dominate web corporate development.

Over time in direct sales one learns that if the person in the conversation doesn't accept your ideas the sales won't go well or at all. One-way conversation often happens if the person is not interested in communication or has bad day. Or even if he/she doesn't like the way you look. In that case sale doesn't happen. However, if the person claims he/she is not interested but his mind is open it would be enough for you to scratch the surface of the offer you are serving and you would be a step closer to your goal. The main problem with sales that could be a landmine is the person's mood which gets back to him instantly. That makes online sales so big. It reaches the people even before they open the door. That sales are ready and doesn't need to know the customers' mood. Not only that, if he/she is having a day, the sale will return when least expected. Sales on a web-site is more dynamic thus more effective than sales in real life since no one gets tired or becomes expandable. It is patient created to last forever. It does not lose dynamic while presenting the offer, but has the same pace and professionalism 24/7. WCD indirectly follows almost every step, the algorithm of consumers and comes to get what is due – good online sales.

Top Elements of Corporate Website Design

A good website is good business, but also a synonym for functional and sustainable business. It represents what you really are, saves time and money and at the same time 'collects' cash from the wallets of thousands and thousands of users to your account.

A good website requires a good software company, and such a company must address the following segments:

- analyse the market for you (customers and competition);

- detect key problems, solve them and find better solutions for your business;

- bring key changes to business and improve it;

- provide a good search;

- provide the security of your web-site users.

Corporative web development experts would be able to take care of that and since there aren't many you should choose them wisely. A good web-site needs more elements:

1. Clean web platform background - little black dress of the virtual world. The simpler the web-site, the more attractive and efficient it is to transfer data. Going through your online offer must be easy being online pleasant, without complex moves that will exhaust the user and send him directly to the competition. If users get tired scrolling they will neglect the product and be distracted by a web platform that was not created the way it should. It should be easy get around the web-site and to check the offer, not to switch to other address.


2. Excellent user experience is a priority because that is what brings users back to our address and does marketing for you without a penny invested. Satisfied users will talk about us, promote us without even knowing it – all for free. The first impression is the most important one. Make it memorable.


3. Navigating must be as simple as using a compass. The profit is based on moves that make sense. They do not take time but make money. They keep the consumer satisfied with every move and click he makes. Profit is based on selling stories without complicating. If users navigate meaningfully through the system, the money you invested will justify itself short term and it will be profitable in the long run.


4.Good content is what keeps them coming back. Therefore, it shouldn't be aggressive but must hold attention. Creativity is what sells, education buys. If you give people both fun and knowledge - you will get loyal customers.


5. Conversion! Once you become the owner of online sales you must be ready for change. Big companies got big because they were ready to take risks at any moment, and getting out of the comfort zone brings benefits of all kind. Build a relationship of empathy with the customer by understanding that he/she is always right even when they are not. And how do you do that? It is simple. The customer is right because from his point of view. He is not familiar with the matter and does not know if he is wrong. When you gradually and through fun activities explain how the matter works you will have a teammate who will not further complicate your cooperation but rather contribute to it. You must define their and your needs and create new ideas from them. All of this will ultimately lead you to profit. Convert little to much through digital platforms.

Success is state of mind

Determination is what defines people who know what they want. No one is born determined, and we all grow up a bit entitled (one way or another). However, being entitled doesn't help making a career, it's more of a step back. When we are determined on the other hand, we become credible and respectful people with the status of the biggest rival around. Determination is a good characteristic regardless the lifestyle we have, but only if we start from the bottom determination becomes the reason no one can affect us.
On the other hand, we can't help but wonder - what can a man lose if he has nothing? Solely his good will. That is why it is important to have good people to follow the progress and be your loyal collaborators, no matter how much money you have in your wallet. A loyal partner is a partner who patches holes in your pockets and helps you survive.
The best example of determination in Montenegro comes with our client who had a business idea on 15th of September, 2020. Two owners of the company walked into our premises that day, with a will and an open mind for suggestions. By the end of the meeting the gained a complete trust in the Robot Code. That is when FlyEx courier service was made. It is here where we learned what it looks like to work with a client who has taken every step with RC and entrusted the entire marketing to a team that has been practicing various methods. With this project we got PhD.
The first steps required the creation of a logo with careful choice of colours. We have carefully chosen both the slogan and the long-term marketing campaign. After that we bought the first vehicle branded according to the public appearance strategy. Subsequently, we focused on aggressive campaigns on Instagram and Facebook that not only attracted the attention of the Montenegro population but also foreign companies noticed FlyEx colours too. This was a game changer thanks to the good marketing - only a few months old courier service bought two additional vehicles from regular funding.
We made the overview by the end of the year and made the decision that it was time to once again invest in marketing but now it would confirm that FlyEx had entered the game and decided to stay. Such marketing is called web development. After optimizing the site, we launched Google Ads campaign, which resulted in over 200 calls per day and increased the number of sales up to 95% in next 24 hours.
Two new cars were bought without getting a loan but from regular income, which testified that in less than 12 months of operation FlyEx had its turnover 5 times bigger.
This project became a mutual success and satisfaction. The idea that became the company, flyex.me became flyex.global and is currently in the phase preparing for international cargo transport.
It all started with the idea that had a good marketing from the beginning to the end.

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