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One of the most recognizable brands in the world is Apple. A technological mogul whose rule is enormously powerful. Its sales jumped to $1.1 billion during Christmas (December 2015). Same year iOS App Store had 500,000 games. Imagine that figure today! Moreover, during the same period of time, the Apple Store watch alone had 19,000 apps.

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Apple is the player everyone is fighting against even when we put the statistics aside. It has built a status that is difficult to compete with. The competition is tough, and apps designed for such a system are created differently. They are charged for and paid off more heavily when their download starts. It’s the magic we call iOS mobile development.

iOS development benefits

The market now days is full of technology. Still, it is getting richer every day. It exceeded the desktop-dominated market. Today, the mobile operator is an indispensable giant precisely because of its practicality. So, first, one should be noticed, adopted, and applied. Then it can start its survival against the competition. The reason for this is simple – trends. They change daily which makes them biggest enemy of every business.

Some companies use both domains (web + app) to represent themselves and offer their services. Other companies create apps that do the job and spread faster when they "catch the curve". 218 billion downloaded apps in 2020 (worldwide) and 143 billion recorded downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store demonstrate how well-positioned are they on the market. It proves to us that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and our day revolves around apps. We use them all though the day. Everything is inconceivable without them. Apps are the fuel that drives us 24/7. We use apps for communication and entertainment (everyday life). We use them for training, care, education, psychological advice, spirituality, or nutrition (health). Likewise, we use it for survival (doing business) or to make it a business (getting rich). However, we decide to switch to a system with iOS benefits or a system that resembles an Apple only if it's an app with poor development that consumes us every day.

Leading brand from one year to another (the one that has 85 billion app downloads per year) is the iPhone. Besides a very attractive aesthetic it offers a system that when using takes your breath away. The success it makes proves us that good development can be profitable. Thus, you should not stop investing in the iOS system. Specifically, when it comes to iOS, the number of available apps in July 2021 was 2.22 million and games were mostly downloaded. However, it is important where you invest. It is the matter of the team you choose not the system, so be careful with the one. Therefore, before making a final decision, one should apply the proverb 'Better to ask the way than go astray'.

 iOS users stay (although competitors are getting better and better) because Apple offers the highest quality security and all its variations:

-encryption security (ENCRYPTION);

-security against duplication, duplication of data files;

-security against data theft.

It is important to emphasize that with this kind of protection, it protects our privacy, account and Apple cloud data.


However, this development set a standard for competitors as well as for itself. It spoiled users with its UI design. That is why the next version must not be weaker than the previous one. The same reason iOS interface has high expectations which meet the needs of all users. Also, it is the reason why iOS users are queuing up in front of Apple stores for the launch of the new collection. They are waiting until the early morning hours. The security system is another highly preferable benefit. It is made of highly protected features that do not give the hacker space. We need to emphasize that trust is synonymous with Apple. Its users know that all iOS apps will pass the iOS test before they hit the market.


Good development is worth the wait and the investment because the money invested in iOS pays off.

Tools we use

Security for phone is well appreciated and users are willing to pays for it, especially if it fast and simple. This is a very profitable "secret", especially if Swift5 is hidden behind it. Swift5 is made of security, speed and ease of doing business.

This language of communication has proven to be of the highest quality of all. No matter whether we use it to write software, create phones, apps, or servers. It is of the highest quality for anything that works on the principle of encryption. The reason is simple – friendliness. Works both for developers and users. The Apple language that Swift5 uses is the most valuable on the market. The reason for this is of digital chemistry. Its expressive system makes users enjoy themselves during use and turns the online world into a playground. No matter which generation you belong to or which generation you target, it is adapted to all and at the same time providing security.

It is difficult to remain immune to its charm. It eliminates frequent mistakes with one stroke by adopting modern programming patterns. Also, it uses automatic memory correction and optimization of modern hardware for coding.


It has been created for years. But, it is still invested in his "subconscious" and abilities because Swift5's ambition is as strong as yours. That is why it is cost-effective and can match all players. Especially those who want to be the best iOS version of themselves.

At first glance, it looks perfect. Actually – it IS perfect. Yet, it has some disadvantages that will be eliminated. Some older iOS versions lack support (those older than a week) because the support system is important. Another thing is that, despite the fame he has with Swift, he does a few encoders. Coming times demand stronger perfection and sharper market quality. So, these two Swift5 "pains" will soon disappear.

UX/UI design is a big thing for your future

At the beginning of the story there is always an idea and it draws us into that story. We aim for the vision and at the end of the story it is what drives us. Everything in between is a smart choice or a consequence of not so smart choices. In the world of software stories, everything between idea and vision is UX and UI design.

Creating an app is not a one-man mission. It needs people who know the matter inside out, not the ones who know it superficially. If you find the first one, you will save your nerves probably. Otherwise, you have a chance to lose your nerves, money and credibility. Also the final product of your idea probably wouldn’t be what you have imagined.

Imagining working on a new ideal like planting a tree. What you have to do before you enjoy the fruits of your labour, is design testing- AT THE START of the journey. Because if the test is not satisfactory, that app must not see the light of day. Otherwise, your money will be wasted. Before you place the product on the "shelf", make sure that it is suitable for display and has everything it needs to have.

You have to accept that competition will always be there. Especially if you are still creating an app and a competitor has already thrown out a similar story. This puts you in an awkward position where you and your team have to act immediately. You have to provide the market with something better, something that is more interesting, and sustainable. At the same time, you also have to justify the money invested. A good team will always inform you who is doing what in terms of development and how they are going. In which fields they are better and in which they are worse than you. What protects you from the failure is them – a good software team. Vice versa is also true. A team that is far from good may lead you to your downfall. Also, it's important to know that if you start to fall in the online world, you never actually fall. Your failure levitates in the network because the internet is public and lasting.

Once when you start designing the app design, don't rush. Also, don't act like a person who didn't know what colour he would wear that day, so he wore all of them. Instead put yourself in the user's shoes and his point of view. You need to please them, not your childish whims.

At the end of the day it is the user that evaluates you. That is why you must work to make his wishes come true. If your UX and UI design appeals to him, your dreams will become reality because you created a good app that will pay off. Be one step ahead of the user if you don't want him to ask in the comments why something doesn't work. If using the app seems like a traffic jam on Monday at four in the afternoon, you didn't do a good job. The same goes if the app is like a beautiful pair of shoes, but the left blisters and the right doesn't. If using the app doesn’t go smoothly with the user, you didn't do a good job.

As you work and plan your work rely on science and act on the developer's advice. A good developer in your team knows why is he talking what is he talking and never assumes. The app should be simple, concrete, light, interesting, fun, with a surprise factor only to suggest but not to reveal. Let it take up the phone memory for a reason. Take care of the smallest details: icons, names, but also their colours. Colours are essential, they define life. Arrange colours nicely so that they symbolize what they present. It should be arranged in a way to make a brand out of your logo. Let them be your silent partner. Likewise, the navigation of the app should be meaningful and practical. It should direct more users to your bank account. The content of the app must make them open the settings and opt for the notifications. Design and functionality entice the user. The content haunts him, brings him good deals, and keeps your business alive.

It is difficult to fit all the factors, but the right team knows how to arrange them correctly.

App testing is the best thing that happened to you

Though it may look like that testing the phone and the computer is not the same. Mobile apps have a larger number of users and the data is more complex. The target group is wider, and each has sub-elements that must be considered. With the audience this big, the credibility of the information is also bigger.

Before you start testing it is important to know the basic goals and what we are testing, but also be familiar with the program we do it. Everything that can be tested is tested. We test functionality, data flow, network conditions. Then we test interrupting the application with calls, SMS, and notifications of another app. But also security, UI design, accessibility, APIs, performance, and settings. Moreover, we go through every test that we put on paper through the testing process. We test the conceptual quality, too. ALL OF IT. If the results are not satisfactory, the app must not enter the market. That is risky for your business. It doesn't bring money, but degrades reputation and makes recovery difficult.

Tests also have competition. So, you should choose some of these testers:




Appium is a cross-platform that serves both iOS and Android devices.

XCUITest was created for the Apple system only, while Espresso targets Android. Each has its own disadvantages and advantages. Developers know them well, so their advice can be extremely useful. Good luck!

P.S. If you think it doesn’t cost you much, don’t ask how much it costs.


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