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Today, the impact of social media on our life is so immense that we carry it whit us everywhere we go. This type of influence is called social media marketing. A system indirectly imposed but directly transformed into the 21st century needs.

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Social media marketing is free marketing. But only if we know how to manage business platforms. Otherwise, it costs us much more. Even though we did not invest a cent in them. If, despite the poor results, we think that we can run SMM companies without an expert (regardless of whether they are small, medium or large business zones), we only need to look at the competition. There is a good chance that this confrontation will force us into a corner. It will prove that, without good digital support, the theory of "minus and minus give plus" falls flat. If for once we thought that social networks could not be even more popular, we were mistaken. Their fame has just begun. Especially now that marketing managers have tripled their knowledge of SMM and surrounded themselves with other experts of social media. They are working to make your online platform and your team run smoothly. The primary goal of social media marketing is to make your brand appear more appealing to customers (since they judge your product online). This is exactly what the best quality marketing looks like. It pleases the senses, needs and matches competitors. It advertises to the right people (target group). Those are strangers helping your business grow in both the virtual and real world. And nothing is more real and sensitive in business than money.

Why Instagram and Facebook as advertisement?

People sometimes make mistakes with their presentation through social media marketing when posting not only strength but weakness as well. It is because they do not rethink the consequences and how it affects the people. Especially if that group of people is not your target group. Everything has its limits when it comes to SMM. Because if a poorly played card game reaches the wrong people (in the form of an add), the news about it spreads fast.

Having aggressive advertising means to have all elements well incorporated and you choose how far do you want to go, how aggressive or moderate. In other cases, it is a one-way ticket to failure. To make matters worse, the disappointed clientele will not hesitate to express their disappontm. They will bypass your representative office. They will consider investing money in competition, which could possibly be weaker than you.

One of the worst choices you can make is to turn to those who will not appreciate your offer. And at the same time, ignore those who would like to listen or even buy a product, but they were not up-to-date with the online sales you make. The reason for this is poorly done work and targeting the wrong internet users. In marketing, everything has its own. Therefore, your business must reach its target group. The one that will provide you with a livelihood. A good advertisement is a matter of authority that you gained, maintained and profit from. Such authority brings credibility to the clientele, who will be happy to watch/listen to your ad and not skip it as soon as possible.

Facebook and Instagram offer this kind of advertisement. They are unrivaled in their work, but with slight differences that match your needs and expectations.

Facebook Vs Instagram (pros and cons)

The two leading platforms when it comes to SMM are Instagram and Facebook. Two extremes targeting a different audience, approaching it in different ways, offer different prices for their services.

If you ask a logical question - which of these two systems has advantages and brings more benefits after the launch of the story into the viral world, the answer for you would be a simple one - it depends on what you want. If you are a Facebook fan you will know that this is the most represented platform. It cannot be changed quickly. There are still about 2.7 billion people on FB. In other words, people of all ages use Facebook. 76% of those belonging to the 18-24 age group; 79% of those who have stepped into the third decade and the year divides them until entering the fifth. This is not the end of the story. 49% are occupied by 65+ man and women.

In simple language, these age groups will be Facebook audience for your ad. In addition to being the most widespread social media, Facebook is also the leader in terms of traffic. Remember that your FB profile can be accessed by those who do not have an account. It means that you are again at an advantage. But only if your leading advantage is a team that knows how to set all the parameters for you.

You have to bear in mind that advertising via Facebook is more effective because of the algorithm it uses.

However, IG is in the leading position because its audience is doing more work than the audience through FB. It means that higher quotas of online sales are achieved by IG users. Even though the audience is less present in that field compared to the one owned by FB.

One third of Instagram users shop through this platform. The reason for this is simple. IG users are skilled in good online shopping. However, IG has a secret. It is that you can profit without investing a penny and gain followers, friends, and referees around the world. That is so thanks to its optimal functionality based on simplicity. A good SMM team tends to achieve simplicity because it is synonymous with doing the job effectively.

Sometimes, limiting your budget is a good thing

We are used to thinking that those who can afford some things that only them can indulge in them too. This may not work in virtual world. In the virtual world, the most useful thing is an investment with a profit that exceeds the limits of what is invested. The most important thing is to choose between FB or IG advertising.

FB is a database that has a dominant algorithm. It provides stronger community information about your product. However, IG is the one who visually communicates with users and sells the story without any effort. Even though its "crowd" is only 30% of the rush hour. The effectiveness of budgeting will also depend on the location of your audience, how much they are willing to set aside for your product, and also how much you are willing to invest in a really good ad. In the meantime, do your best to understand the way really good ad works. Make it handle some part of your business and fully committ to it. As for a team you can hire a software company, a digital marketing agency. Sometimes even a relative who really understands social media marketing would be helpfull. The point is that you need someone who has the knowledge and isn't just talk, because you want to make a profit.

You can rely on a team to properly define your budget, too. Such a team gives you statistics that turn your online business into revenue, which is described as gratis. But, it would be best to set aside 60% of the funds to promote the content you stand behind - the finished product.

The basic rule that you must stick to when deciding whether to stay within the budget or break it is that you must invest both time and money in each segment of consumers. In other words, show up at the right time, in the right place, with the right offer from the right person, and form a happy relationship with the card user. A relationship of you and online platforms that is honest and content does not end easily. If it does it is simply called giving up. The potential reason for this could be that your team did not know how to apply statistics and distribute your budget in a social media way.

Content creation for happier nation

We have all met two types of people. Those who underestimate art and those who invest in it because they know that it is a weapon that triggers healthy emotions and brings money. Healthy emotions (despite the money spent) bring happiness. It is something we all want. Of course, it can trigger bad emotions too. But the result of such is to lose customers. In other words, if they turn their backs on us, they have nowhere else to look but in the eyes of the competition. So, the competition profits from the mistakes we or our team made (the team we hired to create content for social media).

Putting the peaces of puzzle together in this domain is not an easy job. You have to translate your idea into your vision, according to a system designed by someone else for you. That is a team which deals with artistic details perfectly. A team like this isn't easy to find but still can be. A team must have a videographer to realize the vision you introduce them to. They will follow your important items and "sense" items that suit the taste of the target group. The same story comes with a photo and a design that is placed on the network of your business. It is a stamp that makes customers buy your product. So we buy their senses for profit. We offer a nice and useful product for a useful and profitable area of business - online.

If you gonna copy do the copywriting not the copy-paste

When we read or check a contract or some product we tend to ignore the small print. However, it finds a way to get back to us. The small print in social media marketing is the item below the post (silent trader selling on our behalf). You need to know how to sell those small letters. Interestingly packaged content, that provides the reader with everything sells itself the best.

Their everything is also our everything and anything. We need to take the first step towards an adventure - stylistic match to the target group. In means to read everyone’s thoughts. Although we all speak the same language, the language of communication with the masses is different. It can be both soft and hard. The softer one does the job, he buys time and audience. The harder it is one closes doors that are wide open (an unlocked profile). Such a profile is perhaps the best thing that happened to a random online walker. Remember, in the virtual world, nothing happens by chance. Especially not a sponsored ad. A casual walker is one who brings good to everyone. Both to the creator of the creative content he creates, and to the consumer who absorbs with his senses and reacts to the story with his emotions - he buys. Well, that's the story that sells best. The one that has a happy ending - a satisfied customer who will come back for more. An open profile with great content is either a one-way ticket to a happy destination or that unfollow moment, which makes it clear that you are not wanted.

However, there is also a mute option. Someone does not have the guts to "take us off" the agenda in real life but it is very easy to do it online. Heads up, because that very option in the world of social media marketing is a silent announcement that something is not right and that you are temporarily on standby. In other words, (according to the SMM algorithm) you have a tacit second chance to fix the content impression. So hold your head up high, because a mute moment is just a moment that should motivate you to feel the pulse of the market again and figure out which path you have to take. In this case you are addressing the audience.

Keep your copywriting simple, concise and clear and easy to attract attention. Let it make people feel happy and content.

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