IT Consulting

A big part of who we are at Robotcode is our IT consulting business. We are passionate about innovative solutions and we can help you solve your IT problems.


What does it mean to be an IT expert?

Robotcode has offices in four different countries around the world and we have a wide network of IT consultants with an incredibly broad range of skills. Because of this, we can headhunt the right consultant for the right project, so our clients get exactly what they need and nothing else. We search our existing talent pool for the right consultants, but we also headhunt the right skills from the rest of the market for those projects that require a certain type of expertise or a certain level of experience - to make sure you get the perfect consultant for your project Working with IT is something that makes us who we are. It’s the driving force that makes us the successful company that we are, and it’s also the driving force behind our customers’ success.


What services do we offer?

When we develop apps, we combine our common skills to create something unique all the time. Together with our clients, we develop a plan, where everything from design to system integrations is reviewed to create a blueprint for the entire process. We are also with you throughout the process, from start to finish. When we help our clients to design, you could say that we work in three stages.

Software Development
Software Development

To create a website that reflects your image and values, we first need to know a little more about you and your business. Then we'll create a graphic profile and a design idea for you to approve. All of this is done in consultation with you as the client, it is important to us that we work closely together and have a good relationship so that we can meet your needs.

QA Test & Automation
QA Test & Automation

Once we agree on a design and a concept, we start creating. We design and develop a well-functioning website that has all the features you need. We'll also make sure the technical bits fall into place, so your customers get a flawless website with short load times and fast conversions.

How do we work with IT

Our business concept is to hire out the right skills for the right projects. Something we can easily do, because of the broad expertise available across the company. We work in long-term partnerships, bringing consultants together with clients who need people with their skills. Our consultants can take on any type of project, whether it’s a longer in-house project directly at the client’s premises, or a shorter project that can be managed remotely.

When we work with IT on a consultancy basis, we are responsible for the entire project from start to finish. We take responsibility for everything from planning, to development, quality assurance, testing and, of course, follow-up. And we always make sure to finish the project before the deadline. Delivering on time is a matter of course for us, and a guarantee we give to all our customers.

itis our driving force

Find the right consultant for your project

At Robotcode, we have a wide range of expertise in a variety of professional fields. We work daily with everything from SEO, to web design and development - but our driving force, it’s in IT. It’s IT that brings all the different departments of Robotcode together and it’s through IT that we create innovative solutions for all our customers. We work with IT in a variety of industries, including Fintech, Heavy Industry, AI, Automotive and Business Systems. Because of this, we can always offer an experienced and skilled consultant for any type of assignment, who possesses the right skills to handle all of our clients’ needs. If you’re looking for great IT skills, from different locations around the world, you’re always welcome to contact us at Robotcode. We solve your needs with the help of long experience and tremendous skill.

Technologies that we use

We have a wide range of previous experience under our belts. Want to check out what we've helped our clients with? Here you can find out what we've done to strengthen our past clients' brands through great web design and smart development.




















Our success is founded in creative and innovative IT solutions.