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In the twenty-first century, maintaining attention is a priority in both art and the social media. A special battle is happening in all forms of marketing. 15 seconds long radio advertising is the most effective. The same goes for television commercials. Except that their costs are higher. The reason is the larger team. Also, different sorts of production are required for the impact they create there.

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The advertising market is controlled by Instagram. Its became famous overnight and everyone started using it daily. As a result, the IG advertising drew attention in every way. It overshadows both TV and YouTube. In 2018, Instagram (85%) outperformed YouTube. That is so because of the respondents who stated where they intend to focus their advertising by 2021. It's a race to get the most interesting, high-quality, creative offer under better conditions. It is the entertainment provided by a particular platform that matters, not the circumstances that led to it. The creative content is the most important aspect of this story. It includes costly but extremely profitable videography.

Video as creative content

Video content was the most watched material in 2021. That is the result of the consequences that content marketing faced during the surviving games in recent years. Technology is the most powerful thing today, with its prevalence, progress, and the pace at which others strive to match it. Because of the race with content marketing, various variations on that topic were run to sustain the profit. Thus, overnight, video has become the most represented content of globally. The one that reaches the most people and has the best interaction with them. The one that gives the best results. Everything that is great in that field is very expensive. However, great things in the virtual world are not expensive, but profitable.

The following statistics prove it:                                     

- 85% of users in the United States watch video content every month.

- since 2019, the average person has increased daily video viewing to 100 minutes.

- 93% of companies claim that their sales have increased since they started posting video content online.

- 63% of them say their income has increased since they began focusing on video content marketing.

Some companies stay behind and neglect above mentioned facts. They base their business on blogs or on marketing in form of paper. It is very hard for them to succeed this way because they have to keep up with the times. Newspapers are becoming a rarity. The elderly and rare middle-aged people who enjoy freshly brewed coffee and paper aroma still buy newspapers. Another reason why some companies aren't keeping up is that they work with teams that are strong in words but not in deeds. And whose content does not have an approximately acceptable number of views. We won't even mention selling such content. But, we will talk about the need for such content. Up to 60% of American citizens said they would rather watch video than TV. And this is where the race to meet the needs of the content market arises. They are the ones who bring us profit. So, we have to satisfy their needs. Therefore, since 2015, 74% of consumers (aged 18-49) spend all their time watching video content on YouTube.

Our audience hangs out online and that is what we need to focus on. If we don’t hang out online too we won't be able to keep up. We are at the very bottom of the industry. And not making money. If we want to profit from this global situation, we must take it seriously. We need to focus on video content that is innovative, fascinating, and high-quality. The video content is precise, clear (both in terms of personnel and ideas), and shot right at the target. It should arouse the viewer's emotion of always make him ask for more.

If you elicit sympathy from the viewer and he wants to be a part of your story, you did a good job. Because the video content that attracts viewers is the one that leaves a lasting impression.

The possibilities that video provides

The market offering high-quality video creation is complex. But only to those without enough knowledge in the area. In addition to adequate knowledge, it is necessary to be up-to-date with the latest trends. That is so because they bring the audience to your address. The people who showed up at your place are the ones who reacted to your action. To have a specific reaction – reaction that you want, it is necessary to include all the factors. Among them are the senses that are activated when the video starts. During other forms of marketing, the target group is backed into a corner when consuming a product. We entice them with good design. We keep them with good text. That attention is hard to buy (get) because not everyone is in the mood to read. On the other hand, video also activates the sense of hearing. It enhances sales because if they like what they hear, they purchase a product. All the elements are important. Especially the way they are packaged and served.

The way you attract the attention depends on the type of videography you are dealing with. Eac h of it has its advantages. Thus, it is very important to choose the right video marketing, too. In such a way, you give a chance to the target group to approach you more easily in the way that suits them. There are many ways, and some of them are:

1. VLOG - it is the most effective platform that will help you gain a good name and reach brand status. The quality of the video doesn't have to be on par with great blockbuster movies. But it is desirable to take all the details into account. A cheap and easy way to deal with this is via phone or webcam. Many celebrities use this strategy to work on their image and brand their names (even when managers are not looking). We sometimes need to provide more information in order to complete the story.

2. WEBINAR - it is one of the most popular video marketing domains to promote yourself. It can be used as a way of spreading information about oneself. You can promote it through a Facebook ad that will also improve your sales in that segment.

3. LIVE STREAMING - when this form of promotion appeared in 2015, it completely changed the world of marketing. It has one important factor - unpredictability. This unpredictability has mostly affected TV. Since live stream appeared 44% of people have watched television less. That same year, the live-streaming industry was predicted to have a value of over $70 billion by 2021. When a stream goes live, whether it's a football match, a report, or an important announcement, rivals lose points.

These are some ways you can use video to improve your marketing and reach your target audience. However, the fact how serious you depends on the quality of the equipment that you use. The story that you sell is very important. But if you do not want to have obstacles on the way to a good income, the picture must be crystal clear.

The process of making drone videos

Technological advances never seaze to amaze us. The best example is the drone. It "replaced" many other devices when it came to high-quality bird's-eye view videos. Once upon a time, top cameramen would fly by helicopter to perform magic. They would risk everything to get a good shot. Today there is no need for that. The cameraman has improved himself and turned the game around. He started a business independently of the media/marketing/production company that financed it. He has become a solo player with a highly profitable business. He has also rested from holding the camera firmly through a moving helicopter. With a drone in his hands, he manages the staff and has a bird's-eye view, which is highly valuable. The higher the drone, the more effectively it "catches" the curve. Therefore, the marketing, ratings and price are stronger. And in this world, it is a quality indicator. But it’s not easy to run into those curves. Because if it were, we would all be managing this technology. The race for the smallest details must be perfectly timed with the lighting that will give that shot its full meaning. One needs to wait for good lighting. But in this case, the good lighting is caught through the air, while taking care of the angle of flight (shooting). The perspective makes the drone footage different from the mobile video. Good marketing and good video need it very much.

Our equipment

With every new day the market is becoming more demanding. So, the quality must not decline. As a result, the equipment we're working with must be of the highest quality. Everything below benefits the competition.

The DJI INSPIRE 2 drone is the leading name in videography. It is the one who represents the colors of the Robot Code. The teams that use this device are serious media teams and professional and big names in the field of filmography. This device must be used by anyone who can afford such a teammate in their environment. It is one of the largest drones on the market. Its camera can freely rotate around its body. As a result, the image can be seen from all angles while in flight. The body of the aircraft is made of magnesium alloy. And it is covered with plastic that provides extra protection.

There are numerous advantages of an aircraft. On the other hand, the list of things working against Inspire2 is short. But let's start with the benefits. Interchangeable cameras provide the ability to "manipulate" frames. Inspire2 tends to detect obstacles but also skillfully avoid them. Yet, it is more prone to sports shooting mode (high speed shooting). The flight mode catches all the details, even though the camera rotates 360 degrees for CinemaDNG and ProRes shooting.

The only disadvantages it has are because it requires extra equipment to keep up with its high-quality pace. So his biggest disadvantage is the need to provide it with the equipment that will match it. Among them is a high-performance computer. It is necessary for editing videos made with Inspire2 technology. The third disadvantage is doing work in Adobe Premiere CC, which directly complicates the CinemaDNG workflow. However, these are disadvantages only if you do not have complete equipment. That is, if you only have a drone but not a technique that will help you to complete a great job. It is not the case with us.

So, the only difficult job is the one when you refuse to deal with the problem. Once you beat Inspire2, you beat the competition.

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