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Maintaining a business used to mean existence. But the life on our planet has advanced to the point where work is a pleasure. We work a lot. We become experts in our jobs. Then we realize that the competitors are real experts because they have learnt to adjust better to the online world.

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The truth is very simple. Quality business has become difficult to maintain. Particularly if we have not scratched the surface of the digital world or do not use it at all. The good news for us is that there are people who are interested in web development and want to collaborate. The bad news is that not all collaborations are profitable. A good knowledge of web development must be deep, not superficial. If we want to suceed we must accept the fact that web development is more powerful teammate than we can even imagine. In order to profit, sometimes we must invest more than we have planned. Despite the fact that we are unsure about that investment. But a teammate is beneficial for several reasons. One of them is to show how far we have come through online investing. We will see figures in a bank account. It will become a profitable investment. The website sells the product without a single spoken word. But it is often underestimated. Especially if we do not know the power of a well-designed website.

Website elements designed for success

Every job is done accroding to its own rules. Every success has secrets that have actually once been written, spoken or revealed. But, some aren't willing to read or learn. Yet, there are people inclined to such literature. Such people are engaged in the software business. They know how to combine and pack the wishes of clients with their needs. They did not even know about such needs, until they picked up the fruits of the finished product. In other words, the website brought them financial viability.

The following is a list of the components of the website's financial viability (EFIS).

1. Navigation

One of the main factors website needs is how easy data can be adapted. If uploading or downloading new information is complicated, you are more likely to lose a client. Availability and ease of handling the content is the first step towards a face-to-face meeting. Then you will have the opportunity to say more. In other words, the simpler the offer, the sooner you will sign the contract. The classics are invaluable.

2. Visual design

The importance of visual design comes naturally because of our senses. The first impression comes into play with the sense of sight. This sense is crucial. That's why visual design gives you an advantage at the start. It gives you the opportunity to be seen exactly the way you want. Visual design creates a first impression. Also, it encourages cooperation. It helps you pull the strings even before a potential client notices anything you did.

3. Contents

SIL is a term we often use in Robot Code. It revolves around good sales, and nothing sells better than a good story. SIL is meaningful, informative, and easy. It makes the story clear to EVERYONE. It’s a language that everyone loves. It is a necessity if we don't want to get lost online. Once you get lost in communication with the client, it will be difficult to find your way back. So let SIL be the compass that will navigate you to a peaceful harbor.

4. Web friendly

If you created a world that isn't functional it means you have made a bad investment. No matter how much you care about simplicity, aesthetics, or informativeness. Poorly invested money is an expense. So, contact a software company that understands the importance of online functionality. They will help you to create a WEB FRIENDLY website.The UNFRIENDLY website is like rolling your eyes when your back isn't turned yet.

5. Interaction

Always remember to have a good interaction with users. Remember to hold attention and offer the right information at the right time but never forget to provide good interaction. So make sure your interactions are well organized. One misplaced item on the website is like a bad move during the stacking of a tower of shortcut cards. Even if you fall, a good software company can easily get you back on your feet. So, choose carefully your partners.

What makes online mistakes more expensive than offline ones is the fact that everyone sees them. Therefore, business suffers or does not recover.

6. Availability of information

Time is money. And you should value it. Your customers always have various questions. And you must be ready at any moment given to anwer them. So, make the answers accessible and clear to the potential customers. We must not omit the question, "WHO?" Because that question represents those who stand behind a flawless system. A system that places all data SIMPLY and by EFIS rules.

7. Understanding

If the data on your website are well connected you will have satisfied users. The data must include all the basic composition elements. Those are introduction, elaboration and end. You must also include some similarities to the topic being searched for. A good website must be a really good website, as simple as that.

8. Branding

A good company must be credibler. Once when you become credible the name of your company will become a brand.

Branding is a logo that has become a hallmark. And not just a trademark that could pay off. Branding is hard work. There is a whole team behind him. A team of people who know what they are doing and how they are doing it. While they are working in the field, with clients or on projects, your website is your free advertisement almost 24/7. In such a way, it builds your brand.

However, it is important to know what type of investment you have made. A bad website is a one-way investment. One that does not fix your cash balance. It doesn’t help branding. It sends you back to the beginning. A bad website takes away points.

We define a good website as a recycling investment. Because, when we invest in recycling, we get good feedback. The best feedback in business is the frequent inflow of money. It proves that we did the job properly. Contact the right software company to provide yourself with a regular income. Such a company will encourage you to become a brand.

9. Timing

Always keep your word. A company that breaks deadlines breaks deals, too. The side effect of a broken deadline is doing the job in fifth gear. In this case, delivering fast does not mean delivering it efficiently. And efficient does not mean effective. An efficient job often carries with it small things that have been neglected. And it will inevitably become a stumbling block in business. A job that is effectively done is a well-done job.

10. Conversion

You get only what you pay for. The only case when this is true is if your website is poorly done. You will pay more attention to your website once you realize that clients like the good one. If you have created a good website it will always be a wind in the back. It will convert your mini-business into a business with minimal investment. But only if it meets the greatest expectations of the reader.

The website's income depens on the way you make it and how you run it. It is not expected for you to run it by yourself so choose your team wisely. Choose your partners carefully. A good recommendation is a proven recommendation. Behind the experts are usually the best players in the territory. They are your competition or your role model. If you are witnessing how well others are doing, ask which software company is behind them. Because you may be the next big beast on the market, but you don't know it yet.

UX and UI Design

Every job depends on a high-quality visual experience. Both in online world and offline. Hodling someone's attention isn't easy. Moreover, online is even more difficult. Especially when you can't directly follow the body language of the interlocutor. This is where USER EXPERIENCE, USER INTERFACE DESIGN-UX and UI design come into play. In simple terms, these are designers who can be in one position or another. But if they are really good, they can complete the story from one position. We call it super talent.

UX design is an extended arm between the client and the software company. The process of developing a website, app, or other online product begins with UX design. The language used to address the audience is simple, meaningful and functional. Similarly, UX design is based on logic and brings the product closer to the needs of users. This design aims to be the most practical approach to the website, app, and game. In one word, everything with digital roots. Everything adapts (in this case) to the elements of the website. Yet, the UI designer plays with aesthetics at the end of that story. Combining icons, shapes, colors, tones, undertones and fonts is a difficult task that should neatly follow the flow of the UX River. It’s a moment when the artist needs to adapt to the customer. It’s not an easy job, but it’s doable. Especially when you have the right players on the team.

Good software companies know how to align well with incompatibles. What makes them so good are designers they work with. So, it’s strong teamwork. Unless you’re a super talented designer. It takes a lot of skill to combine the required, beautiful, high-quality, and useful from a single armchair. And only a designer with UX and UI preferences possesses it.

RC: Web Design Agency From Montenegro

Robot Code is a young Montenegrin software company based in Podgorica. It has a representative office in Sarajevo. RC is specialized in creating digital marketing and solving software problems. Our business is based on conducting market research at the beginning of the process and collecting the data. Afterwars we adapt this data to customers' needs and later compare it with results in the field. Aside from the fact that we pay attention to social networks, our team works hard for all types of online business. We work on web development, web design, photography, videography, and creating app platforms. The team consists of three designers, seven developers, content writers, marketing managers, photographers, and videographers. They, along with permanent members, round out the RC story. The story is built on the professionalism and ambition of young people who are up for any challenge.

Web Development

Web development is a complex matter. It requires knowledge, time, dexterity, flexibility, and extra time for coding. WD is a business that creates, develops, and nurtures online platforms and makes a profit. It creates a vision, develops a system, nurtures users and serves money.

Our web developers and mobile application developers use Android native apps, iOS native apps, Frontened-Angular9, API-python (Django).

The developers also have experience with ML (Natural disaster forecasting system, online signature recognition, and segmentation of blood vessles of the retina and funds). RC designers work in the Adobe XD program. However, when it comes to creating a website, our work is based on a story we call ProcessWire. This specific system has literally everything you may need. Simple, powerful, predictable, capable, and fun to use. PW is meaningful, non-limiting, easy to upgrade and provides good communication. It is stable, fast and flexible in operation. It offers everything you want - photography, language, editing and text quality included. And, it is always ready to progress. With such a system and a team that knows how to apply it, subscription caching becomes a real pleasure.

We do not use the WooCommerce system. Each platform has its virtues and flaws. But, WooCommerce's flaws are not worthwhile no matter what its virtues are.

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